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Most of my lectures and seminars I give in German. In the field of economics I currently teach:

“Economic Thought” (including its history as well as a critical approach to mainstream economics) (BA)
“Economic Policy” (BA)
Introduction to Economic Thought (Fall 2010 & 2011, MA)

For some years I have also taught micro- and macroeconomics (BA; both in English and German).

“Inbetween” economics and philosophy I teach courses such as:
“Freedom and Order. An Introduction to Economic Thought”
(Fall 2011, BA)
“Propaganda & PR: The Manipulation of Public Opinion” (Spring 2011, BA)
“Rethinking Economics” (Spring 2009, 2010 & 2011, Fall 2009 & 2010, BA)
“Individualism and Altruism” (Spring 2010, BA, in English)
“Philosophy and Economics” (Starting Fall 2012, MA)

“Inbetween” cultures I teach courses such as:
“Sun Tzu – An Introduction to Chinese Thought”
(Spring 2010, BA)
“Corporate Culture and Corporate Ethics” (Spring 2011 & 2012, MA)