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Courses at the Cusanus Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung in Times of the Corona Pandemic

With the reorientation of the Cusanus Hochschule as a university dedicated to social-economic thought and action, the focus of research and teaching will be even more strongly directed to social analysis and the development of solutions for social challenges. The University is taking the Corona Pandemic therefor as an opportunity to be a space for joint deliberation and solidarity. The aim is to teach and learn in and from the crisis and to enable students to deal with complexity and to act responsibly in the midst of uncertainty. In doing so, we contribute to the responsibility that we as a society can develop and realize opportunities for a life-sustaining economy and society out of the current crisis.

Summer Semester 2020

This semester, the Cusanus Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung will therefore not simply do business as usual. In order to teach and learn together with our students in a trans- and interdisciplinary way from, with and in the crisis, a large interdisciplinary lecture series „The Political Economy of the Corona Crisis“ will be integrated into all our courses of study. In addition, the transdisciplinary project „Chroniclers of the Crisis“ will be launched in all practice and project modules common to our courses of study. In this project, essential aspects of the crisis will be brought to light, discussed, analyzed and debated with the public in a way that is both action-oriented and theoretically sound.

My courses

Fundamentals of economics and its methods
Block seminar / 10 ECTS / Bachelor Economics
20 – 22 April 2020

Advanced module economic theory
Block seminar / 10 ECTS / Bachelor Philosophy
5-10 May 2020

Impact research – social issues
Block seminar / 10 ECTS / Master of Economics
23-27 June 2020

Philosophy of science of economics
Block seminar / 5 ECTS / Master of Economics
07-12 July 2020

Most of my lectures and seminars I give in German. My focus of teaching is:

“Economic Thought” (including its history as well as a critical approach to mainstream economics) (BA)
“Economic Policy” (BA)
Introduction to Economic Thought

For some years I have also taught micro- and macroeconomics (BA; both in English and German).

“Inbetween” economics and philosophy I teach courses such as:
“Freedom and Order. An Introduction to Economic Thought”
“Propaganda & PR: The Manipulation of Public Opinion”
“Rethinking Economics”
“Individualism and Altruism”
“Philosophy and Economics”

“Inbetween” cultures I teach courses such as:
“Sun Tzu – An Introduction to Chinese Thought”
“Corporate Culture and Corporate Ethics”